If you’re someone who enjoys smashing the birthday girl/boy’s face into the cake for fun, please stop. We’ll tell you why:

There was an incident at Mexico, where a girl was celebrating her birthday, and her friend thought it would be funny to smash her birthday cake into her friend’s face. The outcome was traumatizing.

Turns out her friend’s birthday cake had very sharp sticks, which the baker of the cake used to but the cake up in a standing posture.

Well as her friend bashed her head into the birthday cake, those two sticks had caused injury to the birthday girl’s eye, and was rushed to the hospital.

But, luckily, she didn’t lose her eyesight, even though one of the sticks from the cake pierced her eye.

This is just a little reminder to those who feel that bashing other people’s faces into the cake is fun, because it turns out, it’s not anymore.

Instead, you can try cutting a piece of cake and just rub it on their faces, which seems much more fun and safer, when it comes to cakes and celebrating with your friends and family.