Every relationship is bound to have its ups and downs. That’s just the way of life in love.

Now when these problems do arise, there are certain things that couples could try doing and try to avoid doing in order to protect the sanctity of the relationship. One of those things to avoid doing involves resorting to social media to air out ‘dirty laundry’.

This seems to be a common solution or escape for most couples. Some may post long paragraphs to their social media accounts explaining the complication at hand and what their partner did to them.

While this may be an easy out for you, it will create issues in the long run. For example, let’s say your partner cheated on you and you create a post telling all the tales for all your followers to see. Now everyone knows your partner is a cheater. Let’s say that down the line, you and said cheating partner work things out and end up getting back together. Then what? Are you going to tell all your followers that you’ve forgiven a cheater? Are you going to clear the air for everyone who is swimming in curiosity? Now you’re left with the reputation of someone who forgives cheating.


Another example could be if you mention your partner’s shortcomings on social media. This could refer to their lack of attention, their will to control you or in other words, their red flags. In doing this, you’ve exposed your partner’s flaws and may have created deep-rooted insecurity problems for them. In addition, you’ve also made your relationship an easy target for other “potentials”.


Long story short, what goes on between two birds in love, should remain between those two. Talk things through, come to a mutual understanding and move forth from there.