I’m pretty sure we have all been in this very awkward yet heartbreaking scenario.

Do you remember that one time you were offered food and you were too shy to accept it? You probably offered food twice or thrice but you kept saying thanks because you were too shy.

Now there you are, looking so shy and awkward because you refused to accept the food and now you’re even more hungry as you watch them eat, wishing you would have taken the chance when you had it.

Well, guess what? It’s 2024, it’s a new year, and it’s about time we cut out habits like this one.

All you need is a little motivation, and next time, you might as well have the courage to accept it, rather than saying something like “No thanks, I’m full”

We shall try from today onwards, to start being bold and accept food when it’s being given to you, especially if you haven’t eaten anything yet.

It’s acceptable if you say “No” if you have already eaten, but hey! We are all Fijians, and one thing about us, IS WE LOVE OUR FOOD! AND WILL HARDLY TURN A FOOD OFFER DOWN.

However, you may ask; What if the person offering the food is just trying to be nice and doesn’t look like they were going to share it anyway? If this is you, just take the opportunity of them giving you free food and see their reaction.

If they look shocked that means they were just trying to be nice, but either way, just take it since it was offered to you lol.

However, if they don’t react and they insist on you eating with them, that shows that they were offering with a good heart. Gotta love friends/family like these.

Anyway, since you have made it this far, it means you have been in an awkward situation like this one or similar to it, but hey, next time, please don’t hesitate to accept food when its being offered to you, its about time we leave that shyness behind right?

Have a great day/night friend.