It’s almost normal to just blame the other person when your partner cheats on you. It feels like it would be easier to blame the other person especially when you’re not ready to leave your partner or do something about it.

I recently watched a Tik Tok video about a Tik Tok challenge where girls started exposing the women that their boyfriends or ex-boyfriends cheated on them with.

At first it was funny, but then the more videos I watched, the more I realized that these girls were exposing the wrong person.

Let’s look at it like this – your partner, the one that’s actually in a committed relationship with you, cheats on you multiple times and you decide to expose the person outside of your relationship by shaming them on social media and posting up their pictures.

It doesn’t make sense, does it?

I see it so many times, especially here in Fiji. As soon as someone has the chance to call out someone for sleeping with their partners, they’re running to social media and dancing across the keyboard ready to out them. It’s crazy, because while the other person is getting shamed and ridiculed, the person who was doing the cheating almost always gets away scot free.

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