I always knew strawberries were pricey but this is ridiculous.

A Japanese strawberry variety called Bijin-Hime, aka ‘Beautiful Princess’, is expensive because it is unmatched when it comes to size, shape, colour, and flavour.

It’s said to have the perfect shape for a strawberry and can also grow to be the size of a tennis ball, which if you ask me is pretty big for a strawberry.

Usually, the bigger the strawberry the less sweet it is, but that’s not the case for the Beautiful Princess.

This strawberry has been rated a 13 Degrees Brix, which makes it a wee bit sweeter than the standard strawberry, which is rated at a 10 Degrees Brix.

There are a lot of notable differences between this strawberry and the standard ones, but frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to spend this kind of money just to have a strawberry.