If you’ve ever wanted to meet your maker without dying, here’s your chance, but it comes with a price.

A pastor in South Africa is causing a bit of controversy for one of his conference posters that is currently making its rounds on the internet.

According to the poster, the pastor can provide a number of miracles, but with a hefty price.



His services include seeing God in Heaven, getting married the next day, removing all your financial debt, and even beating an online poker game.

Surprisingly, the cost for him to pray for you to win the gambling game is way more expensive than his alleged ability to make you see God in Heaven.

People in South Africa have been calling him out and have expressed their disappointment in the fact that although most people realize that this is a scam, there are still some gullible people out there that will believe what this pastor is saying.

Unfortunately, this pastor is only one of many scammers posing as pastors in South Africa that are still getting away with ripping off their customers.

You can check out the Facebook poster below: