I think it’s time to address the fact that there is a fine line between confronting somebody and just being a downright bully.

Especially when it’s on social media.

Seeing the rise in social media drama this month has been crazy, but I’m gonna be honest, I’m loving it.

Then again, I’ve always loved the drama.

But that doesn’t mean that I sometimes don’t agree with some things that have been said.

One of the things that I don’t agree with is the fact that a lot of people have been feeling so comfortable saying completely out of pocket things without any consequences.

Being behind a keyboard/keypad has made a lot of disrespectful people very confident.

There should be some kind of application form that you fill out before you start some trouble on social media. The form will ask you why you want to start trouble, if you’re directly involved, if you will be sharing factual information, and other things that will make sure that all parties involved are being fare, factual, and will eventually come to a resolve and not leave any cliffhanger endings.

Obviously that’s a joke, but a girl can dream.

As much as most people do not like social media drama and will constantly chastise people who indulge in the drama, it is something that will never going away. There will always be drama on social media and there will always be people that feel more comfortable taking their trouble to the internet rather than confronting it in person so this will have to be just something that we all need to live with.

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