Snoop Dogg once kept a cockroach as his pet for a long six months.

The ‘Young, Wild & Free’ rapper even gave his little pal a rather unique name.

While you’d probably expect Snoop to keep much bigger four-legged friends as pets, he recently revealed he ‘lived with’ the cockroach to Canadian interviewer Nardwuar.

Although, there was some confusion over the question at first.

Called Gooch, did you have a roach called Gooch?

he said and this reminded Snoop,

Oh yeah, Gooch used to live with me


he said in between puffs.

In my apartment I had a roach that we couldn’t kill – we tried to kill the mother***ker when we first moved in and he wouldn’t die, so we called him The Gooch.

A pet roach called Gooch!? Snoop Dogg never ceases to amaze us.

[Source: UNILAD]