A young woman was rushed to the hospital after she had a coughing fit from eating spicy food.

She wasn’t rushed to the hospital for the coughing, but she was actually taken for breaking four ribs from the coughing.

If you’ve ever had spicy food, you’ll know that it can cause a bit of coughing.

What a lot of people don’t know is that if the coughing gets extreme enough, it can actually cause bone fractures.

That’s exactly what happened to that young woman who said that after having some spicy food, she experienced some coughing and during one of her strained coughs, she actually heard a crack coming from her chest area.

Right after she heard that, she felt intense pain in that same area and asked to be taken to the ER.

After her CAT scan, the doctors told her that her bones were so easily fractured because of her poor musculature.

She was told her bones can easily be seen from outside of her body and the lack of muscles surrounding that area can contribute to future fractures if she doesn’t do anything about it soon.