Do you sometimes stress about how you forget things so easily? I know I do, and it can get reallllyyy irritating at times. Especially when you’re out and there’s a voice in your head asking “Did you turn the stove off?”

Now, would you believe me if I said that you can minimize, or eliminate your forgetfulness?

This hack is guaranteed to make your life a tad bit easier

It’s called the “Say It Out Loud” move.

All you gotta do is say things out loud when you’re doing it. For instance, “I’m placing my phone on the table” or “I’m locking the door now”.

You might be thinking that it’s quite stupid because you’re talking to yourself when in actual fact, this engages many more areas of the brain (particularly the language centres) which creates a richer memory and makes it less likely you’ll forget where you put it.

I’ve tried this and let me tell you, I feel like a superhuman now! Join the superhuman club and try it out too!