A woman has revealed how you can earn up to US$180,000 ($408,177 FJD) a year by donating your poo.

While many of us think of human faeces as ‘waste’, you could be turning those bowel movements into sweet, sweet cash if you know where to look.

A TikTok user by the name of ‘Isafidelino’, posted a video revealing the pretty extreme life hack to rake in some serious cash

While the idea of selling one’s excrement has us gagging instantly, we must admit that’s a hefty amount of cash.

As expected, the video had a very mixed response, as one user wrote: “AINT NO WAY. I’d be a billionaire now.”

Another said: “New career prospects.”

A third revealed: “I applied like nine months ago and haven’t heard back at all.”

While another shared: “They only want it if you’re basically an Olympic athlete. Other than that you’re not getting it.”

According to the HumanMicrobes website, the organisation is looking for ‘the 0.1 per cent of people with healthy, unperturbed, disease-resistant microbiomes’.