I’m not an adventurous eater and certainly a firm believer in not eating just anything anywhere and everywhere.

I don’t care how healthy or life-changing or orgasmic you tell me this meal is, there’s absolutely no way in Heaven or on Earth anyone can convince me to eat this.

This is a Taiwanese restaurant that has boasted this dish as popular where you can even pay just to come in and take a photo of the bowl. You don’t even have to eat it.

The bowl costs about $8FJD to eat and if you want just to take a photo, that’s around $7FJD.

Just listening to the description of the dish is enough to make anybody question how broad their palates are, but the picture is what I think would take the cake.

I don’t want to speak for everybody when I say this is not the dish for me, but if you’re brave enough to try this out or if you have already and you wanna tell us how it is, let us know in the comments.

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