If you’re a dude, move along. This most likely isn’t for you.

Ladies, let’s talk about this real quick. Woman to woman. When you find out that your man is messing around with another woman, be in on the low or blatantly, is your first instinct to attack the “other woman” ? If it is, here’s why you have a problem.

You need to remember that your man made a promise to YOU. The other woman didn’t make any promises to you. Yes, she shouldn’t be with your man if he’s already taken, but what if she didn’t know he was taken?

There are a lot of factors to consider when thinking about this situation.

For example, the guy could be telling the other woman that he’s single or that you’re just a clingy ex or that the main woman in his life is somebody he’s been trying to leave for a long time.

There have been times when the woman knowingly enters a secret relationship with the man even though she knew that he was unavailable, but again! She has no obligation whatsoever to you and to be honest, not everybody is ready for that conversation.

Obviously, this works both ways. Men shouldn’t be attacking the other man just because their women were unfaithful. The “other man” has no obligation to the main man. That’s just fact.

But today, I’m addressing women as this is more common with women than it is with men.

I should add that putting your business on social media does nothing for your relationship other than make you look like a joke making your whole relationship look like a bad sitcom!

Talking about “the other woman” on social media and attacking her all the while getting your little “paw patrol” to join in on attacking her just makes you look like a bitter woman that is obsessed enough over a man to throw her inhibitions out the window in public for him.

However, if you’re going to call out your man for cheating and then GO RIGHT BACK TO HIM, girl wear that wig and that big red nose coz you, ma’am, are a clown!