Its SUSHI time!

Now, its a 50/50 thing. Some love sushi. and those who would never want to give it a try.

So as we were looking for some interesting facts about sushi, we came across a crazy research that determined that SUSHI LOVERS are considered MOODY. Here’s why:

First, sushi is all about fresh ingredients.
The fish is always very fresh, and the rice is made with specially selected water to give it the perfect flavour and texture.

Second, sushi chefs are true artists. They can create amazing rolls and presentations that are both beautiful and tasty.

With that being said, the reason why sushi lovers are moody is because having sushi is something that people eat very seldom. They can be craving sushi now and then and because sushi contains mostly raw fish, perfectly cooked rice, and some razzle-dazzle by the chef, people love having it, every once in a while.

They can have a variety of dinners but there is always a certain day that people crave having SUSHI, which is why their research had concluded that those who love sushi, are very MOODY people. LOL!

I love sushi, and the fact that the research we came across says we are considered very moody, i don’t know if I’m offended or if its cool, because its kinda true hahaha


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