So a friend of ours shared with us this afternoon about how he is going to spend his pay today, and mind you, he is a BIG TIME Drua fan.

Now our friend over here got his pay yesterday, and he was so careful about spending it because he knew he had to give up everything else, to watch the games today and of course, buy some merch as well.

So, after getting an estimate of the expenses he’ll have today, it had covered his 2 week’s worth of food ration.

Just like any other person, you would sacrifice going to watch the games and keep your money, to buy later your stock of food that will last you two weeks right?

Well, despite us convincing him to keep his money and watch the games from home, he decided to spend almost half of his pay today, just buying tickets, Drua merch, and food.

Now, all he’s left with is the other half of his pay, which is what he’s going to pay his rent with.

So next time everyone, please think twice or maybe thrice or ten times even, when it comes to making decisions like these and don’t end up like our friend here.

However, I wonder what he’ll be having for the next two weeks tho…