Ok first off, let me just say that not a lot of people would complain about this, but apparently, that’s the case for an office worker that had turned whistle-blower in his office.

After the whistle-blowing incident, he was gradually relieved of his duties while still keeping his pay rate and his job.

He said that he would spend most of his workday reading the papers and replying to e-mails that he sometimes doesn’t even have to reply to because most of them are not work-related.

“I buy two newspapers, the Times and the Independent, and a sandwich. I go into my cubicle, I turn on my computer, I look at emails. There are no emails associated with work, no messages, no communications, no colleague communications,”

When trying to explain why he feels like he gets paid to do nothing, he explains that his skills aren’t being used to their full extent and that it’s hindering him from living a fulfilled enough life.

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