Can you imagine club owners and managers being so concerned for people who want to drink until the early hours of the morning that they change the closing hours of a nightclub on the Sin City strip of a particular area?

That’s basically what happened with TEMPO nightclub in the Gold Coast.

Managers have expressed concerns about certain clubbing laws in Queensland and the fact that it was moved from 5am to 2am across the state with only a few select night clubs being able to close at 3am.

If you ask me, a lot of gang in Fiji would appreciate clubs closing at 3am instead of the 1am closing time law we have in the country right now.

TEMPO, on the other hand, has decided to kick it up a notch so every Saturday, they will open from 6pm to 9am Sunday morning.

To celebrate their new opening hours, they had hosted a raunchy BDSM-themed party where patrons will not be allowed to bring phones in order to keep the integrity of some of the patrons that would not appreciate their photos being taken.

A bit extreme, if you ask me, but in their defense, they want to cater to revelers that would love to be a part of the clubbing scene but aren’t able to because of work commitments and clashing schedules.

I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t think this rule would work well in Fiji, because with or without being open until 9am, people still go missing from home for days after going out the night before.