When it comes to rugby, Fijians are very passionate. A little bit too passionate, if you ask me.

It’s a full rugby season for Fiji this year. We have the Super Rugby on right now with our Drua boys. The HSBC 7s series is on as well and we’re all excited to see where this team can take us. We even had a history making match over the weekend when an NRL match was played for the first time in Fiji.

Melbourne Storm had bought rights to Fiji being their home ground in their pre-season trial match against Newcastle Knights so they played at Churchill Park, Lautoka on Saturday.

This was one for the books as this was a first for a lot of us.

Given that fact, we also saw a lot of couples coming to the games and that’s when I thought, I hope they’re not here as a first date.

First of all, I’m so nosy for that! lmao

But if you think about it, using rugby games as a form of a first date is just not the vibes!

Here’s why: IT’S A RUGBY GAME! It’s probably the least romantic thing in the world. There’s a lot of shouting, sweating, long trips to the restroom, grown men shouting at each other, and 9 times out of 10, uncomfortable seats.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great date idea, it’s just not a great FIRST DATE idea. You first have to find out if your date is into rugby in the first place.

First dates are used to get to know your date a little bit more. That’s quite impossible when the whole point of going to a game is to PAY ATTENTION to the game.

Unless both of you are going to be interested in the game, then maybe this is the date idea for you!

But if you’re just using this as an excuse to look cool at a rugby game and watch your favorite team play, then all the best to you, my dude!