The people of a small town in Northern Ireland, Omagh, have been complaining about a mysterious humming sound that can be heard at night.

In recent weeks, the Omagh District Council has actively been trying to identify the source of the noise that several residents from all over the small Northern Ireland town have been complaining about. Unfortunately, all their efforts so far have ended in failure, leaving them with no other choice than to call in sound experts to solve the mystery.
People “usually characterize it as a persistent buzz or hum” that differs from the sound of passing vehicles and that can only heard late at night, usually around 12:00 am – 01:00 am. While some have gotten used to it, others claim that it is interfering with their night sleep and demand that something be done about it.
Officers are currently investigating the use of specialist equipment, or procurement of a specialist company, to assist in detecting the source of the noise
a council spokesperson told the BBC.

Some of the theories being thrown around about the source of the mysterious hum range from farm or factory machinery to flying saucers. Unfortunately, local authorities don’t have much to go on as of this writing, which is why they plan to bring in sound experts.