A viral video showed a mother dragging her baby on a leash through an airport, and it sparked controversy and criticism. The footage quickly spread on social media and has started a heated debate about whether using a leash is an appropriate way to handle a child.

While some people have defended the woman, arguing that her actions are common among moms and dads, others have seen her parenting as cruel and neglectful.

The incident has raised questions about parenting styles and the appropriate ways to discipline and control children in public.

Chances are that if you’re a parent you’ll have experienced your fair share of situations where your son and daughter have tested your patience.

We each have our own methods of dealing with such situations, but I don’t think any of us can claim with one hundred percent honesty to have gotten it right every time. We do what we think’s best and – for the most part – it’s no one else’s business.

Yet one mother took things too far in the eyes of some when she was caught on camera dragging her child through an airport by a leash.

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