With the multiple events that will be happening tomorrow, we are pretty sure it will be a little hard to find a taxi.

So after the cokes tomorrow night, no doubt most of you are planning to head to the clubs, maybe to Kava Barrels, maybe alil get get-together with the OG’s and OB’s, Park Jam, yeah the list goes on.

Now since its Saturday, the bus’s times will be limited, so catching a taxi is definitely next on your list.

Our advice? Take note of taxi driver’s numbers and give them a call when you need a cab tomorrow, esp. if you’re living along the Suva and Nausori corridor.

Its going to get pretty busy tomorrow, so to save you the time and hassle of waiting for hours for an available taxi, get a taxi driver’s number stored on your phone, or make plans with someone who has a vehicle and could pick you up from point A to point B.