The school that made history at the Coca-Cola Games 2024 was none other than Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School, who had its awards night tonight, congratulating the hardworking athletes for a job well done and also, for the amazing teamwork they have shown on the tracks, field, and in school so far.

The highlight for tonight’s event was none other than Resina.

She was the first athlete of MGM to win a Gold medal for the school, and what’s even more captivating is the fact that she had pledged in camp on Friday night that she was going to win their first Gold!

-She won the Gold medal for the Sub-Junior Girls’ 800m

MGM created history at the Coca-Cola Games 2024 by winning the best athletes in two different grades: 2 athletes from the Intermediate Girls division and 1 athlete from the sub-junior girls division.

In her speech tonight, she shared a bit of what the camping experience was like, and how grateful she was of the support that she and her team received from the school teachers, their Principal, and her friends and family.

We were very honoured to be part of this memorial event, and witness such great talents and the ones behind it as well.

Definitely a school you would want to be looking out for in next year’s Coca-Cola event, and who knows, they might as well take the Boys Division Title home as well!

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