There was this one time when Emz (Tonight Show host) thought she had finally met the love of her life but in a very embarrassing way.

So, it was a typical day for Emz, as she heads down the famous Terry Walk, just beside MHCC in Suva where she gets her favourite Fish & Chips dish for lunch. Now, she enters the restaurant, orders her food and waits at the table. As she waits, she starts looking around at people that’s passing by and just minding her own business. The waitress finally calls her and lets her know her food is ready. Just as she gets up to get her food, she sees a handsome guy that looks like an angel from above *her words* come in and orders his serve as well.

Now picture Emz, trying to act cute and all that, wanting this *angel* to notice or glance at her.

So she goes, gets her lunch, and as she turns around to get back to her seat, she trips over an empty bottle that was lying on the ground. Well, you can already guess it, her food did spill all over the floor and she almost cried. Not because of the food, but because she couldn’t bear the embarrassment of wanting that *angel * to notice her.

Little did she know, that angel helped her up was indeed an angel sent from above because he had later volunteered to buy her another serve to replace the one she just lost.

Its already embarrassing tripping over in public, but having to get another serve from someone you were trying to play cute girl to, well that’s just ANOTHER LEVEL EMABRRASSING

Lesson learnt: always look out for your steps before actually moving forward…and also, that *angel* might just be the LOYL (love of your life) never know lol