Rubiel Mosquera, often known as “Neckzilla,” is a Colombian IFBB Elite Pro bodybuilder who gained notoriety for his enormous, supposedly 20-inch-circumference strong neck.


Despite having a really remarkable body, Rubiel Mosquera’s moniker, Neckzilla, is easily understood from one glance at his neck. It’s genuinely amazing, and although he doesn’t have the official record for having the thickest neck in bodybuilding, many people think he actually has the most muscular neck in the entire sport. From certain perspectives, it appears as though his traps extend to his jawline, but in reality, his neck is just much more muscular than others.


It’s so muscular, in fact, that some aficionados of bodybuilding have voiced concerns that judges at bodybuilding competitions may miss some of Neckzilla’s other features due to the girth of his neck.


Though Mosquera’s huge neck may give the impression that he spends a lot more time and energy on it to make it stand out, the Colombian bodybuilder claims that, like any respectable bodybuilder, he exercises all of his muscle groups equally.


Even though the young bodybuilder doesn’t pay much attention to his neck when exercising, he is well aware of it and frequently flaunts it on social media. He once measured his neck on Instagram, for instance, to demonstrate that it was thicker than bodybuilder Larry Wheels, his opponent.


Neckzilla mostly competes in bodybuilding events at the national and regional levels, where he has shown promise thus far.