Just for context, TEC is an event planning company that comes under CFL, the parent company of FM96. You can check out their Facebook page here.



We’ve all talked about the artists, the entertainers, and even the great discounts that you can experience when you come to Fiji Showcase, but I reckon it’s time to give credit to the hard-working boys that have been working tirelessly from Sunday to build booths, stalls, tents, and stages so that we can have the ultimate shopping experience.

Whenever you go to a Fiji Showcase event, you’ll notice some boys wearing their TEC uniform walking around making sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be.



Some of them will even be seen walking around with big garbage bags making sure that the venue stays clean and litter-free.

These boys will be there from before the gates open right up until after they close at the end of the night, along with other staff from CFL.



If you get to run into one of them, or any one of us wearing a CFL uniform, at Fiji Showcase, just remember that they’re there to help with whatever you need so feel free to ask them to assist you with anything.