There’s a lot to unpack from this story, but the fact is that relationships tend to change when kids come into the picture.

Maybe when the kids are grown and off to college, it might be easier to go back to the way things were, but that’s not true for every couple. Sometimes, it just gets worse.

There was a lady who thought after her two grown children go off to college that she would reignite the flame of romance between her and her husband, but the couple’s marriage just didn’t change, and I think it just got worse.

This prompted the woman to start having an affair with another man while the kids were at uni, but when the kids came back home for semester break, the woman found it a bit harder to carry on her extracurricular activities.

“It probably sounds extreme and like a lot of money to some people but it’s a small amount to pay for everyone’s happiness, including mine.”

I have a feeling that this isn’t going to end well and that the kids will find out one way or another, but personally, I think she should just leave if she’s so miserable.

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