A 21-year-old man from Brazil, Mateus Facio, unknowingly survived a gunshot to the head during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cabo Frio. Mistaking the impact for a rock hitting him, he continued with his activities for four days. Initially thinking it was just a head injury from a thrown stone, he applied ice to the wound and carried on with his New Year’s festivities. Mateus then traveled 186 miles to his home in Juiz de Fora, went to work, and even met friends in Rio de Janeiro. It wasn’t until January 4th that he realized something was wrong when his left arm felt weak. Seeking medical attention, a CT scan revealed the shocking truth – the “stone” was a bullet lodged in his head. Mateus underwent successful surgery to remove the 9mm bullet from a less critical part of his brain, with doctors noting the inexplicable nature of his survival. Despite associated risks, including brain bleeding and fluid leakage, Mateus is now on the path to a full recovery. This astonishing incident is reminiscent of another case where a man lived with a bullet in his brain for 20 years.