Man, this story is so extra from beginning to end.

Ok so I won’t tell you their names, but I’ll leave a link at t the end of this story so you can read up about it later, but let’s just say that because of this man, people are realizing now that there are more options when it comes to your partner cheating.

So let’s say the first option is leaving, right? The second option would be confronting the situation and trying to work things out with your cheating partner by coming to a solution. Third, which is also usually the only option, is just moving on with someone else or just being content with a life of solitude.

Well, this man has decided to come up with a better option and it is as petty as it’s going to get.

So a few years into his marriage with his wife, he found out that she was having an affair with one of his friends.

Although he tried to sort it out at first, his wife ended up eloping with the man.

They ran away together and it seemed like they had no plans to return.

The guy was not sure what to do with his life, but then he realized that the man his wife had eloped with also had a wife of his own.

He decided to do the logical thing at that point and so he asked the man’s wife to marry him.

They got married in an intimate ceremony that was attended by their close family and friends and although their union was the result of unfortunate events, they seemed to be happy that they found each other.

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