A man in Malaga, Spain, has been ordered by a judge to pay his wife compensation for all the unpaid work that she did in the 25 years they were together.

This comes about when the woman filed for a divorce from her husband in 2020 due to the fact that he did not want to pay for their daughter’s school fees when it came to furthering her studies after high school.

According to the woman’s lawyer, the couple had married in  1995 and a few months after they tied the knot, they signed a separation of assets document. This piece of paper basically means that each spouse retained exclusive ownership of property acquired during the marriage.

This turned out to benefit the man more than it did the woman as she was left with no other choice but to be a stay-at-home mum while the husband was free to venture out and expand his businesses.

After the whole situation with their daughter when he didn’t want to pay for her university tuition, the woman decided that she would no longer be treated like a doormat and that she would move on.

“She was his shadow, working behind him so that he would grow professionally and become something. She spent all that time focusing on her family. In order for her husband to focus on his business projects, she stayed with the girls, and they never hired any outside help.”

After she filed for a divorce, the man took most of what they shared and she was only left with half of a house that they owned together.

This seemed unfair and so the woman hired a lawyer to try and find something that would work out for her as well.

The woman’s lawyer argued in court that without her personal sacrifice of staying home and looking after the children, the man wouldn’t have achieved so much of what he did.

After two whole years of going back and forth, the judge ordered the man to pay his ex-wife 200,000 euros ($471,000FJD) to compensate for the unpaid housework as well as 1,000 euros ($2,000 FJD) in monthly alimony and 500 euro ($1,000FJD) pension money for their mother.

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