Imagine thinking you’ve done a good deed but instead, you get criticized and fired for it.

That’s what happened to a man that was working as security for a hospital in China when the staff announced that a patient was on the 4th-floor balcony planning to jump off of it.

The man watched as everyone scrambled around for a makeshift net they could use to catch her, but it was too late.

The girl jumped and without thinking, the man leapt forward to catch her.

His body took the full impact of her fall and he had to be hospitalized because of it while the suicidal girl was able to get discharged early from the hospital with minimal injuries.

Our hero in question, however, was not only paralyzed from the heroic act but he was also fired from his workplace because he “didn’t show up to work” after the incident.

Pretty messed up, if you ask me. His family tried to ask his employers to cover the rest of the medical bills since he got injured on the job, but they refused. This didn’t help his family as they were not able to afford a lawyer to legally argue with his employers.

The doctors have said that he will be paralyzed for life, but there’s no knowing how long he’ll be allowed to stay in the hospital since his family can’t even keep up with the payments.

As sad as this story is, we can only help that he receives the justice that he deserves.