A Chinese man recently made international news headlines for collecting his lottery winnings in disguise in order to keep his identity a secret from his own family.


Identified only by Li, the Chinese man bought 40 lottery tickets with all of them containing the same seven numbers. His gamble paid off big time, as he was able to pocket a whopping 220 million yuan ($30 million), life-changing money, not just for him but for his entire family. But instead of celebrating the win with his wife and kids, Li played it cool, preferring to keep the good news to himself.

But don’t be too quick to bill the man a ‘douchebag’, because he at least had a good reason for it. Instead of telling his family that they are now $30 million richer, and risking them becoming “arrogant and lazy”, Li preferred to put on a cartoon character outfit when collecting the lottery prize and keep his family in the dark for the long term.

“I have not told my wife or kid. I am concerned that they might feel superior to other people and will not work or study hard in the future”

He does have a point though.