I wish I was just making up the headline for this story, but unfortunately, this is about as real as it’s gonna get.

A woman came up with the solution to the problem of when she’s not in the mood for some in-between-the-sheets action and it was for her husband to get a sex doll that looked like her for him to use.

The doll has a very uncanny resemblance to the human version of her with some added features of course.



When you see their pictures together, they seem to all be living peacefully and there it doesn’t like there are any hard feelings between them.

The couple seems to be very open about their private life as they are both social media influencers and they’ve even made Tik Tok videos talking about the husband having a higher sex drive than the wife and it has caused minor problems in their relationship, but only until they introduced the inflatable adult toy into the picture.



Whatever their deal is, we hope that they’re happy, but the real question is how did anybody find their story in the first place? lmao

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