Love Don’t Co$t A Thing–A series where Tai the host of The FM96 Rizz focusing on the idea that relationships

aren’t always about grand gestures and expensive gifts but in the small details and effort.

In this 2nd episode Tai treats the newest member of the FM96 team–Aisea Buliruarua better known as “Ice”

to a date where he challenges her to spend only $15.


After getting to know Ice a little better, Tai knew exactly how she was going to treat him to a lovely date

with just $15 in her pocket. It’s safe to say that they both enjoyed themselves.


Watch the video and let Tai know who else you think she should take on a date.


Tai takes the newest member of the FM96 team out on a date on the 2nd episode of The FM96 Love Don’t Co$t A Thing ❤️ and learns something super interesting about him in the process! 👀 #FM96TheRizzwithTai #fm96LDCThing

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