Lana Del Rey gave her fans quite the surprise on Thursday when she was spotted working as a waitress in a Waffle House in Alabama.

The singer, 38, was seen pouring coffees and taking orders at the restaurant chain.

Lana was dressed in the company’s blue uniform and wore a yellow name badge as she kept busy behind the counter and appeared to be waiting tables.

She was also seen chatting to some very surprised customers, before sweetly posing for photographs with eager fans at the restaurant.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote:

Lana Del Rey randomly working as a waitress for the Waffle House is iconic.

Other fans speculated that she might be filming a music video, while some wondered whether she had been gifted the uniform so was giving a helping hand.

Eager customer┬áKarina Cisneros Juarez told how they were thrilled to have met the musician in the restaurant, describing their encounter as ‘insane’.

Despite being a hugely successful global star with┬ánine studio albums, Lana keeps a low profile in her every day life and doesn’t have any presence on social media.

In the past, she has also told how she likes to pursue other job opportunities as well as music, describing her as ‘flexible’ in her career.

[Source: Mail Online]