With his three 2022 nominations pushing him to 83, Jay-Z has become the most-nominated artist in Grammy Awards history.

He had previously been tied with legendary producer/composer Quincy Jones at 80.

Jay-Z made his Grammy bow in 1999 with three nods, two from his classic “Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life” album and one for his tag-team with Jermaine Dupri, “Money Ain’t a Thang.” He won but did not attend the awards, later saying he “boycotted” them because fellow New Yorker DMX had not been nominated despite racking up two No. 1 albums in a year. Jay, who turns 52 next month, has been nominated in 18 of the 22 Grammy years since then, even though his release schedule has slowed considerably over the past decade.

via Variety

The Brooklyn native’s biggest Grammy-winning years were 2009, 2010 and 2012, when he took home three each. Ironically, he won no trophies in his most-nominated year, 2017, when his “4:44” album and related singles and video received eight total nods. This did not improve his complicated relationship with the Grammys, and Jay stated his opinion on the matter unequivocally in “Apeshit,” released the following year on his duet album with wife Beyonce, “Everything Is Love.” “Tell the Grammy’s fuck that 0 for 8 shit/ Have you ever seen the crowd goin’ apeshit?,” he raps on the song.



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