I don’t know how hard it is to just bathe yourself, but there’s a tech company in Japan that is currently working on a human washing machine.

The first time I heard about this, I thought they were working on a human being that was designed to do nothing except wash things. I read a little bit more into it and I found out that instead of a washing machine where you wash your clothes, they were working on a washing machine to wash you!



That’s right! You read that right! A washing machine for humans!

I’ve seen the design and I can understand the appeal because not everybody has the luxury to be able to take themselves to the bathroom to wash so this could actually be a revolutionary move for a lot of people with disabilities.



I don’t know what kind of target audience this tech company has in mind when they were thinking about this idea, but if this takes off in 2025 like they’re planning for it to, then it could possibly help a lot more people than they think.

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