They say love is just around the corner, but this man is living in a circle.

61-year-old Kaan is a rice farmer in West Java and he went viral a while back when a YouTuber uploaded a video talking about how Kaan has been married more times than the average person.

After reporters tracked him down from the video, he refused to say anything until he eventually gave in when the reporters’ visits started becoming too frequent.

According to Kaan, he got married at 14 to a girl two years older than him. The marriage didn’t last long and that did not stop him from finding another wife.

His longest marriage lasted about 14 years which is a big contrast to some of his other marriages that lasted barely a week.

Only some of his marriages were legalized while others where officiated traditionally.

Kaan says that some of his wives have refused to give him a divorce when he left them which means that at some point, he had multiple wives at the same time.

When Kaan was asked why he married so many times, he said,

“My reason is that I also didn’t want to play with women’s feelings, let alone other people’s children. Rather than committing immorality, it is better that I get married.”

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