You’d usually only see this in the movies and if it does happen in real life, it doesn’t happen often.

Young Maleesha Kharwa is only 15 and she is one of the most popular teenagers in the world right now.

Maleesha’s life wouldn’t have turned around if it weren’t for Step Up: 2 the Streets Actor, Robert Hoffman who was in India shooting a music video when he noticed a young girl sitting on a mattress in one of India’s most famous slums.



He walked up to the young girl and posted a video of her which then triggered a constant flow of auditions and photoshoot requests.

Maleesha says that her life has changed so much and her father is so proud of her for taking her family out of the slums into a comfortable one-bedroom apartment.

This story reminds you of the movie Slumdog Millionaire, but I reckon that this real-life story is way more interesting than any movie idea about rags to riches.

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