Dale Schroeder, a humble carpenter from Iowa, worked tirelessly at the same company for 67 years without an immediate family. When he passed away in 2005, it was revealed that he had been saving for a significant purpose.

Photo Credit: NEWSWEEK

Before his passing, Schroeder had shared his extraordinary plan with his lawyer. He expressed a desire to help kids go to college since he never had the opportunity himself. Schroeder had not only saved enough money to send a few kids to college but had amassed nearly $3 million.

Schroeder’s specific wish was to assist young people who, like him, might not have the opportunity to attend college without financial support. In the end, his legacy enabled 33 strangers to access higher education. This group, known as “Dale’s kids,” pursued careers as doctors, teachers, therapists, and more, all thanks to Schroeder’s incredible generosity.

Schroeder’s only request for them was to “pay it forward.” While they can’t repay him, they can honour his memory by continuing his legacy of helping others overcome financial barriers to education.

[Source: Pubity]