Growing up in Fiji, we are taught as kids that we should only speak when spoken to and that our elders are to be respected at all times!

Even though those sentiments are right, we can’t really say that sometimes, we youngins tend to be disrespected whenever we’re with family simply because we’re younger and we are conditioned to listen to whatever our elders say.

If you feel like you’ve had enough and you just wanna scream and shout back at them, maybe one way you can deal with is if you talk to them about it one on one and casually but confidently talk about how their actions affect you as a member of the family.

We also have to remember that our elders are from a different time and that they grew up doing things completely different from us.

That isn’t so much a bad thing, but the problem is that some of the things that they believe to be right because of their upbringing is actually very wrong.

Proper communication in a controlled environment should help you and your elders see eye to eye.

One thing that might help too is if the older generation would realize that the younger generation is there to help. They’re there to make sure that familial traditions are carried out and that everyone works hand in hand to make sure that the legacy of the family lives on.

Disrespecting the younger generation and criticizing everything they do without offering actual help and giving advice can discourage them from participating in future family obligations.

This festive, let’s all learn to meet each other halfway and work together to make every family function a happy one.