Reunions are some of the most wholesome celebrations where one can revisit some old memories, it offers self-reflection and a space to share your achievements with close family or friends.

With the Grammar Diamond Jubilee 60 + 4 Year Celebration going on right now, one can only imagine the excitement and nostalgia that must be present during these celebrations.

Being a partner to an OB or an OG for a school currently holding its reunion mustn’t be easy BUT it’s also not impossible. During this time you’ll see your partner’s inner child come back out to play as they relive some of their favorite moments with their old friends. All you can do now is provide them space and support as they revel in the nostalgia and party like it’s 1989! If you’re still confused about how you can do that, what you can do DURING the celebrations and AFTER.

DURING the Celebration:

  • Give Space: Allow your partner to enjoy the reunion without feeling obligated to constantly check in with you. Let them fully engage with their friends and reminisce about old times.
  • Stay Available: While giving them space, make sure they know you’re available if they need you. A quick text or a call to check in (if appropriate) can be comforting without being intrusive.

AFTER the Celebration:

  • Listen and Engage: When they come back, be eager to hear about how it went. Listen attentively to their stories, and ask questions to show you’re interested.
  • Support Their Feelings: Whether they had a great time or felt a bit disappointed, be supportive of their feelings. Sometimes reunions can bring up unexpected emotions, and your understanding can be very comforting.
  • Reflect Together: If they want, help them reflect on the experience. This can be a good opportunity to talk about how they’ve grown and changed since high school, and what those friendships mean to them now.
  • Celebrate or Comfort: Depending on how the reunion went, either celebrate the good time they had or offer comfort if it didn’t go as expected. Sometimes, just being there and acknowledging their feelings is the best support.
  • Offer plenty of Advil and Massages: Let’s be honest your partner isn’t as young as how they used to be in high school so if they spent the week going to party after party every night expect a very sore and hungover “big baby”.

By being considerate and supportive in these ways, you can help your partner have a more enjoyable and less stressful reunion experience. So let the LIONS ROARRRRR!