Buying shoes for yourself is expensive enough. Imagine having to buy shoes for your horse! You’d have to be buying two pairs all the damn time and I’m not talking about U-shaped horseshoes. I’m talking about straight-up designer shoes for your horses that look like tiny sneakers!

Not only do they exist, but they’re also designed by big brands like Yeezy and Nike.



Why is this a thing, you ask? Well because they can make it a thing! They have the time and the energy so why not?!

A pair of these can sell for $1500 and I’m assuming that these would mainly be for equestrian horses, because if you stand there and tell me that you are spending $1,500 for shoes that will be instantly covered in mud, then I will just assume that you’re crazy.



After everything we’ve been through in the past two years, I feel like this is definitely not the craziest thing to happen, but it’s still enough to make you wonder, what else can we invent before we find the cure for cancer and AIDS?