Because let people enjoy things!

So what if the photos from their celebrations are going to flood your newsfeed for a whole week? Just suck it up and scroll along.

If you’re tired of it, then keep scrolling. If it bothers you that much, maybe just unfriend the people whose posts keep showing up and unfollow that page that keeps posting it? There’s an idea.

It’s so unfortunate that we tend to find something to complain about when we see people having fun or celebrating something they’re proud of. The fact that we even feel the need to make someone feel bad about something they’re so excited about is beyond me.

School celebrations in Fiji has always been a source of entertainment and the SGS Jubilee week is no exception.

Seeing the photos from their March on Saturday and the fun they’ve been having so far has been so wholesome.

Not to mention that the build up to the celebrations with the old scholars reminiscing on their high school days was even more fun to read while scrolling through the newsfeed.

All in all, let’s just let them have their fun and let them enjoy the week long celebration. We’re definitely here for it and we’re super excited to see more posts this week.