And no, it’s not his baby hahahaha

Everyone has their own unique way of revealing their baby’s gender but how does “At a Harry Styles concert in an arena with 17000 seats” sounds?

Harry Styles celebrated a pregnant fan at his concert of the weekend and helped her reveal what the sex of her unborn baby is.

In a video documented by a fan at Styles concert, Styles could be seen reading a guest’s sign which said: “Is my baby a boy or a girl?”

The concert goer, Sidney, passed a note with the baby’s gender written in it up to Styles.

He then celebrated the fan, who was four months pregnant.

She’s about to do the single hardest thing in the world there is to do. I’m sure it will be fine. The most beautiful thing there is to do in the world.

Los Angeles, this is a Friday night you will never forget. Here we go. May I please get some tense gender reveal music?

Styles proceeded to tease the news, as he sang: “I know something you don’t know.”

He officially announced the baby’s gender: “It’s a girl!”

Multiple fans went on to praise the “Watermelon Sugar” singer for how kind he is to his guests at his concerts.

Styles should be expecting Baby Mamas to show up at his concerts for their baby gender reveal, now imagine a concert full of pregnant women!

As long as no one gives birth at his future concerts, I think you’re good to go Styles!!.