Earlier this week, Indonesian media reported the strange case of a 26-year-old man referred to only by his initials, AK, who ended up calling the police after finding out that the woman he had married only 12 days prior turned out to be a man in disguise.
The woman who introduced herself as Adinda Kanza Azzahra would always try to conceal her face using a veil or a hijab, but the man didn’t really think anything of it.
The two love birds decided on a discrete ceremony and the dowry was set at just 5 grams of gold. However, even after the marriage, Adinda constantly hid her face even from her new husband, refused to socialize with his family and friends in his home.

ESH confessed that they wanted to get money from the victim,” a source from the police said.”“Every time ESH asked for money, they always got it. Now the perpetrator has been charged under Article 378 of the Criminal Code. and risk spending up to four years in prison.

AS to how the 26-year-old man fell for ESH’s deception, the head of the Naringgul Police Criminal Investigation Unit told journalists that ESh really had a feminine look when he put on makeup, which made it easier for him to pass as a woman.