For the past four days, we’ve been out and about covering the Coca Cola Suva zone meets.

And with this busy period, we know there’s gonna be a whole lot of peer pressure. Kids, if you know your parents would never let you do it, don’t do it!

Being a teenager comes with a whole lot of responsibilities, this is the phase where most parents start trusting their children to make decisions by themselves, and in most cases, we abuse this opportunity.

Make sure to be safe out there, if you’re heading out to watch the games by yourself , or with your friends without adult supervision, be aware of your surroundings, let your parents know where you are at all times; if you’re not comfortable, leave! If your friends are pressuring you to do things you know your parents and guardians would never let you do…GET YOURSELF NEW FRIENDS!

Your parents aren’t being “boring”…THEY’RE PROTECTING YOU, You can still have fun without having to break the rules.