A fussy Aussie kid hates eating anything other than chocolate and chips.

Rocco O’Brien, from Ipswich, lived on a diet of Cadbury’s chocolate bars, Nutella spread and Pringles salty chips.

Photo Credit: LADbible

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’d wash everything down with chocolate milk. The eight-year-old would even become nauseous when given other foods. Whenever Rocco would have had veggies and meat, he would simply break down crying.

Photo Credit: LADbible

We couldn’t go to restaurants, he couldn’t be in the same room as food. The smell, the look.

Rocco’s mom said.

Heidi contacted hypnotherapist, David Kilmurrywho specialises in helping children with unusual eating habits.

After a couple of intensive sessions, Rocco has extended his palette to 10 foods.

Ms O’Brien admitted her son has always had a sensory processing disorder, making him fearful of food.

AFRID – a condition whereby children can only eat a handful of foods, leading to nutritional failure – was only recognised in 2013.

[Source: LADBIBLE]