ReadySetLove Netflix 04270

Stumbled across this movie when I was searching the net for “What movies to look out for on Netflix, 2024..” a few days ago.

Netflix Thailand is kicking off the year with a bright and bubbly love story, Ready, Set, Love, set in a surrealistic world where men are vastly outnumbered, women must compete for the perfect gentlemen in a government-sponsored game show.

Can you imagine, being born in an Era where there were more women than men?? 

Ready, Set, Love unfolds in a world where a mysterious plague has decimated the world, resulting in the birth of significantly more females than males. Men, now a rarity, are revered as “national treasures,” who are well taken care of by the government. Women who want to marry them must win their affections in a government-sponsored competition called “Ready, Set, Love”. 

The story starts with Day, an ordinary young woman who finds herself reluctantly participating in this contest. Here, she crosses paths with Son, the most sought-after man, and sparks fly. As their relationship grows, they uncover a conspiracy operating beneath the surface, posing a threat to their love and the world as they know it.

Check out the trailer below:

[Source: Netflix]