The Chaos Delight — The Mummy

DID YOU KNOW that scientists say they have been able to re-create what mummies smell like???

The journal Scientific Reports says they managed to identify and re-create the scent of a tincture used in the mummification of a noblewoman of ancient Egypt circa 1450 BCE. Senetnay lived some 3,500 years ago. She was a wet nurse to the Pharoah Amenhotep II during his infancy and bore the title “Ornament of the King”. Her husband, Sennefer, was Mayor of Thebes, an ancient Egyptian city known to the people who lived there as Waset, located 800 km south of the Mediterranean on the shores of the Nile.

canopic jar on grey background

The ingredients used to embalm ancient Egyptian noblewoman Senetnay have been identified for the first time and indicate her high status. The not-so-gnarly balm was made of “beeswax, plant oil, fats, bitumen, Pinaceae resins, a balsamic substance, and dammar or Pistacia tree resin”. The smell of the ancient figure is re-engineered and will be on display in the Moesgaard Museum in Denmark this fall, labelled “the scent of the eternity.”

[Source: Cosmos, BS Showprep, Google Gifs]