The FM96 Birthday Bash at Fiji Showcase 2024 proved to be an unforgettable event, attracting a large crowd and delivering an evening filled with extraordinary performances. The celebration kicked off with an electrifying opening act by One Crew, setting the stage for what would be a night to remember.

Esther and Aisea from FM96 captivated the audience with their dynamic presence and musical talents, keeping the energy high throughout the event. They were joined by other standout performers, including Youngblood and Kuki, who each brought their unique styles and sounds to the stage, ensuring a diverse and engaging musical experience for all attendees.

The evening also saw the culmination of the FM96 Cake Up Promotion, with congratulations in order for the lucky cash winners Suliasi, Soham, and Sumari. Their excitement added to the festive atmosphere, as they celebrated their wins with the vibrant crowd.

Overall, the FM96 Birthday Bash at Fiji Showcase 2024 was a resounding success, marking another memorable chapter in the event’s history and leaving attendees eagerly anticipating next year’s celebration.

Fiji Showcase 2024 Day 2 opens it’s gates tomorrow at 10am!